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BRFuel Advantages
Increases power and torque without any modifications, and in modified engines helps to achieve maximum results.
Increased resistance to detonation, reduction of heat load and maximum combustion efficiency allow increasing engine life, while obtaining the best output of power and torque.
BRF fuel is as environmentally friendly as possible. CO2 emissions are reduced by technologies that maximize combustion efficiency.
The optimal composition of BRFuel contains packs of lubricating and cleaning components. Therefore, our products are cleaned of deposits from the combustion chamber, fuel system and catalyst.
What are the benefits of BRF fuel?
+ Sports fuel BRF gives a gain of maximum power and torque.

+ The engine resource does not decrease, but increases.

+ Also, our fuel has an increased ability to clean the engine and fuel system parts.

+ The positive effect is the environmental friendliness of the fuel, ensured by the maximum completeness of combustion.
How does using BRFuel prolong engine life?
+ We optimize the composition of each of our products so that the BRF fuel meets the highest requirements.

+ The use of the best components and the optimal composition allow for maximum combustion efficiency.

+ Resistance to detonation, reducing engine heat load and cleaning properties help to increase engine life, while obtaining the best performance in power and torque.
Is it efficient to use BRFuel in stock (not-tuned) engines, is it safely?
Modern engines, with fuel injection system are automatically adapted to fuel used within an octane number up to 100. The ability to adapt to the currently used fuel is incorporated by the manufacturers, because vehicles can run in different countries with different fuel quality and climatic conditions.

This applies to modern cars and motorcycles, with injection engines. Our products: BRF Racing 98, BRF Street 100 and BRF Moto 100 are designed to be used in standard engines and engines with the initial stages of boost.

So you can use BRFuel products in your modern vehicles with injection engines and you receive all the benefits of using a sports fuel and can be sure of the good serviceability and life cycle.
What is the difference between products BRF Street 100 and BRF Racing 100?
BRF Street 100 and BRF Moto 100 are designed for use in standard engines and engines with the initial stages of boost. These brandstypes of fuel can be used in the factory (stock) engine, without modifications. At the same time, you will get the maximum efficiency of engine and cannot worry about the resource.

The BRF Racing fuel line was originally developed for use in sports where engine loads are at their maximum. BRF Racing fuel line — fuel for modified engines.
What are BRF racing fuel components for?
BRF Nitromax, BRF Octamax and BRF D.Max products allow you to improve the properties of fuel from gas stations and get the best performance of power and torque.

BRF Nitromax and BRF Octamax are specifically designed for use with gasoline from gas stations. Components can be used in all types of gasoline, both standard, and sport, for gasoline engines of all types and configurations.

BRF Nitromax delivers a large amount of oxygen to the combustion chamber, increasing engine power. Due to the presence of oxygen, the completeness of combustion of the fuel is improved, the engine becomes more stable throughout the entire load range. Using BRF Nitromax gives an increase in engine power up to 7%, an increase in torque by more than 10%.

BRF Octamax gives an instant increase in engine power and improves its performance. The use of gasoline octane number 95 and 98 increases the octane number to 100 and 102, respectively. For gasoline engines of all types and configurations.

BRF D.Max is an innovative fuel component for diesel fuel. It brings commercial diesel fuel to the level of professional sports fuel, increasing the key indicators to a maximum level.
The cetane number is increased, the lubricating properties of the fuel are improved, the smoothness of the engine operation and combustion efficiency are improved, the injection system is cleaned and sediments are removed. Due to the use of the component D.Max, the traction and power parameters of engines are improved, engines run smoother, and service life is increased.
What are the benefits of the sports diesel fuel from BRF?
The key indicator of diesel fuel is its cetane number. Similar to the octane number in gasoline, the cetane number of diesel fuel means resistance to detonation.

Today, our product line has two products:
BRF D.Sport 59 and BRF D.Sport 65.

BRF D.Sport 59 is intended for stock (non-tuned) engines and for engines with the initial stage of boost. Due to the increased cetane number, the engine operation is stabilized, its efficiency increases, excess vibration disappears. Our fuel has also a cleaner composition and increased "washability" that helps keeps the engine parts clean. The fuel facilitates cleaning of the injection system and sediments removal. Due to the use of the diesel fuel D.Sport 59 the traction and power parameters of engines are improved, engines run smoother, and life cycles get longer. For all types of diesel engines.

BRF D.Sport 65 is a fuel for professional motorsport. Due to the highest possible quality of combustion, resistance to early ignition and optional packages of lubricating and cleansing components, it enables using the full potential of sports vehicles with diesel engines.

One of the more important indicators is the increased service cycles of engines and significant savings in maintenance.
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